Mjolnir is the hammer of Thor. With Mjolnir, Thor can summon bolts of lightning to strike down his foes.
Might of Mjolnir
This is the first upgrade of Thor's hammer. It increases Thor's damage.
Might of the Thunder God
This is the second upgrade of Thor's hammer. It greatly increases Thor's damage.
Boots of Luck
While Thor wears these boots, the enemies he vanquishes are more likely to drop power-ups.
Winged Helmet
The Winged Helmet is an godly artifact that enables its wearer to perform a second jump while in midair.
Odin's Armor
This gift from Thor's father greatly reduces the damage taken from enemy attacks.
Amulet of Sif
In Norse mythology, Sif is the goddess of the earth, and Thor's wife. This amulet gradually regenerates Thor's magical energy.
Megingjord, Power Belt
In Norse mythology, Megingjord is said to double Thor's godly strength. In Young Thor, the belt gradually regenerates Thor's health.
Jarngreipr, Iron Gauntlet
In Norse mythology, Jarngreipr are the iron gloves that Thor uses to handle Mjolnir, his mighty hammer. In Young Thor, Jarngreipr improves Thor's chances of scoring critical hits against his enemies.

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